Between the Zahn Family Association e.V., represented by the Board of Directors


the City of Moers, represented by the Eigenbetriebsähnliche Einrichtung Bildung, which is represented by the Head of the Library Division for the Municipal Archives Division

is held:

The Zahn Family Association and the Moers City Archives recognize the historical significance of individual family members for the history of the county of Moers. In order to avoid further fragmentation and the destruction of historically relevant archival material, it is decided that individual family members may submit their historical records to the City Archives as series to the Zahn holdings. These transfers are dealt with in separate deposit contracts.

The aim is to secure archive material for future generations and to centrally record and make it available for the public, research and science. The temporary loan of archive material as well as disposals of it is possible after prior notice in consultation with the board of the family association.

The city archive takes over the offered archive material as far as it exists as a professionally maintained public institution of the city of Moers. As soon as this should no longer be the case, the city of Moers will hand over the entire stock to the responsible state archive (Landesarchiv NRW, Abteilung Rheinland in Duisburg) at its own expense.

Deposits that are brought into the holdings of the "Zahn Family Archive" by the family association are available to the city of Moers as a permanent loan, but remain the property of the Zahn'schen Familienverband e.V. Should the association cease to exist, they become the property of the city of Moers.

The Board of the Family Association receives copies of the deposit contracts and the inventory lists of the individual lenders of each series.

The city of Moers grants the Family Association access to the deposits for presentations during the Family Days, which take place every 3-5 years in Moers, and also for internal family research.

This agreement comes into force: On 07 October 2017.


Moers, October 07, 2017