Franz Ludwig Zahn (1798 - 1890)

The Zahn family has an eventful and moving chronicle. Where do we come from? Why did we become the way we are? Family history comes alive when we succeed in getting closer to the people who shaped it. What moved them? Under what conditions did they live? How did they deal with the challenges of their lives? In addition to many ancestors of whom we unfortunately know little or nothing, individual personalities emerge whose lives and activities are particularly well documented in publications, reports and letters.

Work in Progress: in the following sections we collect information, reports and testimonies about the family and some of its personalities.

The origin of the Zahn family
Johannes Gottlieb Zahn (1763 – 1845)

Our family chronicle begins with Nikolaus Zahn (ca. 1580 - ca. 1659), a master furrier and senator in Greußen (Thuringia). For several generations the small town of Wasserthaleben was the family center of the Zahns, who worked here for four generations as pastors and from about 1820 began to move out to different countries and even to distant continents. Wasserthaleben has not disappeared from the family memory until today.

The family crest
Das Wappen der Familie Zahn

Unser Familienwappen geht zurück auf Johann Michael Zahn (1671 – 1745). Zunächst war Jesus am Kreuz auf dem Schild zu sehen. Sein Enkel, Franz Ludwig Zahn (1798 – 1890) gab dem Wappen seine heutige Form und fügte drei Sterne für seinen Familienzweig hinzu. 

Johannes Zahn (1828 - 1905) im Familienkreis

Each and everyone in our family is a special person and deserves to be entered in this section - so it is a future project and still needs a lot of support. We start in the past with our great-great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents, the ancestors of our family.

Franz Ludwig Zahn (1798 – 1890)


Anna Zahn née Schlatter (1800-1853)


Anna Schlatter-Bernet (1773 – 1826)


Johannes Zahn (1828 – 1905)


Laura Zahn, geb. Wintgens (1839 – 1916)


Friedrich Wintgens (1770 – 1856)

Ahnentafel der Familie Zahn

There exist quite a number of genealogical charts for individual branches of the Zahn family, compiled by different generations. We start with a series of illustrated genealogy charts that Prof. Ralf Dornhaus and Ellen Dornhaus, née Zahn have already kept for their branch of the family up to the present.