Ansprache von Hans Zahn beim Familientag 2010 in Bad Frankenhausen (Thüringen)

The Zahn'sche Familienverband e.V. has made it its mission to bring together relatives and friends of the Zahn family, to organize joint activities and to get into conversation with each other - if possible across generational boundaries. A special feature is the private cemetery of the Zahn family in Moers. Our constant search for further relatives, also in the younger generation, has meanwhile led to contacts all over the world, as far as the USA, Canada and South Africa.


Interest in family history repeatedly gives rise to individual projects, which come about through university research or also through committed family members and which are initiated and supported by the Zahn Family Association.


The Zahn family association was founded in 1939 in difficult times by the descendants of Franz Ludwig Zahn (1798 - 1890), when the family, already widely branched out at that time, was looking for cohesion. Because they missed the familiar gatherings around the living room table, the relatives, who were scattered in all parts of Germany, initially corresponded via circular letters, a tradition that has survived to this day.

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The family days
Familienfoto anlässlich des Familientages am 01.10.2022 in Moers

The Zahn family comes together regularly for family days with as many branches of the family as possible, which take place every 2 - 3 years. The family day is held every 5 years in Moers on the Lower Rhine, the place where Franz Ludwig Zahn, our ancestor, worked and where our family cemetery is located. In the years in between, we organize at least one intermediate family day, each with a different destination related to our family. Be it that we are following in the footsteps of ancestors or that there are many relatives living nearby.


In addition, on the initiative of individual relatives, regional meetings in smaller circles take place from time to time, e.g. a coffee table, a Whitsun brunch, a summer garden party, a visit to a beer garden, an Advent dinner or a joint excursion.

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The annual circulars

Communication within the family association takes place through many individual contacts and through our annual newsletters. They give a small impression of what the family association has moved in the past years and also this year.

A compilation of the annual circulars can be found in the Member area
The family cemetery
Grabstätte von Franz Ludwig Zahn (1798 – 1890) und Nachkommen auf dem Zahn´schen Familienfriedhof

Franz Ludwig Zahn (1798 - 1890) founded a family cemetery for his descendants on his Fild estate in Moers in 1852. Over the generations, about 90 family members have been buried in the Zahn family cemetery up to the present day. All present-day descendants of Franz Ludwig Zahn can also reserve a burial place in this cemetery.

The family archive

Since 2017, the family association has been operating a Zahn family archive, which is affiliated with the municipal archive of the city of Moers. As a separate department, the Zahn family archive is professionally looked after there. Thus, documents, letters, self-testimonies, books and illustrations have been collected over several generations, some of which had previously been stored in cellars and boxes. The family archive is currently under construction.