Dear relatives !

as you all know, after five years there will be again a family day in Moers from  October 6 - 8, 2017. We would like to invite you all to this event.

Again we have thought up a rich program and hope for your participation and - if possible - the participation of your families.

This time we are staying at the "Dampfmühle", a nice, smaller hotel about 10 min. from Moers. There is a room contingent for us there. Please register until 15.06.2017 there and also with us, so that everything works out as planned.

The kick-off of our family day will be in the early morning Freitag Abend (6.10.) a Piano Recital with Henriette Zahnwho will perform her concert exam program as a pre-concert for her big final exam of her music studies as a pianist. This concert is part of a school project which we have developed together with the Adolfinum, Gymnasium Moers. It will take place in the newly renovated school auditorium.

Afterwards we strengthen ourselves in the cozy restaurant "Jules" of the "Dampfmühle".

If you need a ride from the hotel to the concert and back, please contact us in time!

Saturday morning( 7.10.) we go to the newly built Hans Dieter Hüsch Education Center in Moers. Among other things, the Moers City Archive is located there. We will visit the long awaited Zahn's family archive and hand over our initial holdings. You are invited to bring along items from your family history - photos, newspaper articles, essays, books or pictures - if you are willing to make these things available to our family archive. They will be professionally archived there, restored and processed if necessary. The Moers City Archive has special contracts that allow you to individually arrange the whereabouts of your documents, e.g. as a permanent loan that remains your property.

Afterwards, Hans - also at the education center - will present an interesting Lecture about Karl Friedrich Zahn who worked as a Reich youth pastor during the Nazi era.

Hans had access to personal documents and letters of Karl Friedrich Zahn, which allow an insight into his fate, his attitude, his misconduct and also his doubts.


A alternative children program for the little ones (with interactive castle tour!) we will gladly organize after consultation with you, but please contact us early for that.


After a little refreshment and a lunch break in the "Dampfmühle" we will go in the early afternoon to the traditional Tour of our family cemetery. Afterwards, we can exchange our impressions over coffee and cake at the "Dampfmühle" hotel before turning our attention to the fortunes of the family association. For our general meeting is among other things the important decision on the replacement of the board. We hope for your active participation.

Also for Saturday: who wants a ride for this day, please contact us in time!

The evening belongs entirely to the Sociabilitywhich we will cultivate - also in the "Jules" in the "Dampfmühle" - with food, drink and good conversations with you.

On Sunday morning( 8.10.) there is another opportunity to have breakfast together. Afterwards, the family day comes to an end. Maybe one or the other would like to stay a little longer in Moers, talk to relatives they haven't seen for a long time, visit the cemetery again or something similar.

We only hope that as many of you as possible will register.

We look forward to seeing you again in Moers!

Enclosed you will find the program, registration form and all necessary data as well as the agenda for the general meeting.



Many love greetings

Hans & Sabine